We are opening our Restaurant

We are proud to introduce our very own and unique concept of fine green dining. 

We are strongly inspired by the French fine dining tradition yet adapted to the simple and straightforward life style of the beautiful Swedish archipelago.

We offer the experience of a traditional Swedish family feast – it could be a birthday or a weeding – or just the spontaneous celebration of life the Scandinavian people love so much.

Come and feel the friendly energy of the Swedish people, in an international atmosphere, while you are enjoying the amazing vegetarian food, based on simple, good, fresh and often local ingredients.

We are proud to let you know that what we serve is homemade and home cocked, including our wide variety of extraordinary delicious cakes.

Why vegetarian, you might ask. Many people in Scandinavia are vegetarians, for the rich and beautiful taste and variety fruit and vegetables give; and before everything else, vegetarian food is the healthiest food you can get, if it is well-made. Our dining is based on a deep analysis of the needs of the human body for maximal thriving and performance. While your pallet is enjoying our great food your spirit might be thrilled by the thought that the food is good for you.


The Idea

You just sit down, realx and get served. You can choose between 3 course styles (see below):

  • 3 courses – 98kr. Served 6pm to 7.20pm
  • 6 courses – 198 kr. Served 6pm to 6.40pm
  • 10 courses – 298 kr. Served 6pm only (for late arrival 6.30 pm, see below)

Non-alcoholic drinks and coffee/the for the 10-course menu: 100 SEK

10-course dinner and non-alcoholic drinks: 398 SEK




The Restaurant is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

from 18.00 to 20.00 o’ clock. 

The courses are served at a certain time (see above), so we recommend for you to be there accordingly.

For reservations call:  +46 762 477 160



For more information on the courses click here




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