Catering (EN)

Mormors Bakeri can also come to you! We offer Catering for your events – small or big, casual or official.

You can find a list of orientational prices below. But it’s easiest to ask for an offer that fits to your needs perfectly.
Just, contact us: or 0762 477 160 (alternativ telefon: +45 20 66 67 66)

For example prices/packages click here

Here are some questions to orient yourself:

Where would you like to eat?
We can deliver to your location or you can also pick it up yourself. If you don’t have a place yet – why not rent a private room at Mormors Bakeri? For example our restaurant room! If you are a bigger group, you can also rent the whole house privately. In the Summer it is also wonderful to sit outside where we have place for over 100 people.

How many people are you?
We can make deliveries for small groups under 10 people or big parties with over 100 people – no problem.


What would you like to eat and drink?
There are many options and all of them can be fitted to your needs – also if you have special diets or allergies.
For example – you can choose and combine any of the options below:

  • Simple lunch/dinner with around five dishes
  • Big lunch/dinner with around 10 dishes
  • Special lunch/dinner with around 10 dishes or more
  • Cake or other desserts (whole cake or single pieces)
  • Drinks (choose single drinks like softrdrinks or coffee)
  • Drink menu (alcohol free daiquiri, softdrinks, low alcoholic beer and cider, lemonade, tea, coffee, cocoa, glögg in season)

What are the dishes?
Here are some examples, but there are much more. They are all vegetarian and often also gluten free or vegan. If you have a special diet, let us know.

  • Startes: soups, big variety of salads, homebaked bread and crackers, foccacia, hummus and other spreads, antipasti, couscous, sushi, filled eggs
  • Main dishes: lasagna, potato gratin, baked vegetables, pizza, rice with different sauces, filled pastries, filled vegetables, different vegetable steaks
  • Desserts: have a look at our cakegallery, we also offer ice cream, waffles, pancakes or rice porridge
  • Snacks: sandwiches, eggs, pancakes with marmalade, waffles, frensh toast
  • Drinks: alcohol free daiquiri or other cocktails, softdrinks, low alcoholic or alcohol free beer/wine and cider, homemade lemonades, teas, coffee, cocoa, glögg in season, chai latte, milkshakes, smoothies, …

Do you have a special theme for your event?
We are creative and we love to help you give your event that „little extra“. Birthday cakes with a name on it, that one cake grandma always talks about from her childhood, sushi for your asian party, little sandwiches for a tea party, a picknick basket for a romantic afternoon and so on.

How much would you like to pay?
If you have a small budget, don’t hesitate to ask. We can of course make something wonderful for a low price.

It’s not the right thing yet?
Just give us a call, we would like to help you have the event you dream about!


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Examples of catering prices


Company Event for 12 people:

  • Booking restaurant room privately for 4 hours = 1000 kr
  • Dinner buffet (10 courses) with cakes and drinkmenu (a free bar including folköl, tea and coffee ad libitum) = 140kr/person
  • total for 12 people incl moms = 2680 kr.

Jul Company Catering:

  • Julbord buffet (special Christmas dishes) 140kr/person
  • Drink menu 60kr /person
  • free delivery

Private Party Catering for 28 people:

  • 26 small pieces of Layered Cake,  1 small piece of vegan apple cake,  1 small piece of gluten free brownie
  • 26 small brownies (not vegan, not gluten free)
  • Buffet:  2 x lasagne, 2x  potato gratin (gluten free), 2 different salads, 3 x bread (vegan), 1 x hummus (vegan), 1 x veggie steaks, 1 x vegan meal: box with rice and curry
  • Price: food 28 x 55 kr = 1540 kr // layered cake (+vegan +glutenfree) = 260 kr  //brownies: free //  total: 1800 kr

Last Minute Catering for Birthday Party (10 people):

  • lunch catering: 1 lasagne, 1 potato gratin, 2 salads, homemade bread, 1 sushi roll with ginger, wasabi & soya sauce. =  59kr/person
  • A whole almond layered cream-cake (12 pieces) with writing on it. =20kr/person
  • Are there any special diets/allergies? The food would be for 59kr/person + 20kr/person for the cake.
  • self pick up (no delivery)
  • Total of 790 kr.

Private Party Catering for 10 people:

  • lunch: 1x Lasagne, 1x Potato “Gratin” with zucchini and tomatoes, 1x salad, 1x bread, 1x rice, 1x curry
  • 1 whole apple cake
  • everything for special diet: without nuts and almonds
  • total price without delivery: 790 SEK