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Our farmshop is part of our culture house concept. Here we offer mainly organic products from local farmers from around Blekinge. Being a sustainable shop, our product range changes through the season – there are plants and flowers in spring, fruit and vegetables in summer and autumn and there is firewood in winter. One of our main products are organic fruit trees from the Blekinge Fruktträd Plantskola, which we see the whole year round. Choose between apples, plums, pears or cherries,  all 100% organic – and with a 1 year guarantee! We plan to expand our offer constantly. For now you can pick what you like and pay it inside the café. See you soon!


About Blekinge Fruktträd Plantskola

The farm has extremely old historic roots. We don’t know when it was first established but we know that it was moved from it’s earlier location at the lake Hemsjön to it’s present location in Elsebråne 3 kms from here around 1800. We did discover that the farm was burned down and totally rebuilt in 1844. For more than two hundred years this farm has been providing great organic food for the people of Southern Sweden.

The farm itself was abandoned in the middle of the 20th century; but we took it back in 2014 and have spent the last 8 years on making it’s buildings usable again. We believe that chemicals and artificial fertilizers have never been used on this land, and today we are growing everything very much as the old farmers would have, except that we do have tractors, not horses.

We produce 200 species of fruit, and we produce and sell 100 different types of apple trees, 50 types of pear trees, 30 types of cherry trees, and 20 types of plum trees; plus chestnuts, nuts, quinces, misspells and peaches. They are all organically produced, resistant to frost and disease, fast growing and delicious. We are so convinced of our product, that we offer it with a 1 year growth guarantee!

Why do we grow these things? Because we are in awe of the generosity of this magical universe – as it is beautifully expressed by all the trees that gives us their sweet, fragrant and nutritious fruits. Fruits that even love to be eaten by us.

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