We love art and we want to bring more of it to the area! It is our goal to support young artists and give them a place to exhibit their work. Have a look in our gallery or around the café! It is also possible to buy art prints. Besides this we also host culture events like live concerts or poetry slams. If you are an artist or you know someone, who you think should be featured at Mormors Bakeri just give us a call (+46 762 477 160) or write us to


Our current exhibition:

The nude woman in 500 years of painting | Lia Hörner

Our current exhibition features the young German artist Lia Hörner, who is showing a reinterpretation of the feminine through the history of art.

Women have been one of the most depicted subjects in art as long as it has existed. The female body has fascinated artists for many centuries – celebrating femininity and beauty.

With her work Lia Hörner is reinterpreting the old masters such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir or William Adolphe Bouguerau, emphasising the feminine in all its beauty, innocence and vulnerability. She says that in today‘s society – where femininity became a weakness and women‘s bodies are either the source of shame or are reduced to a sexual object – there is a need to reclaim the feeling of naturalness. The danish photoartist Mathilde Grafstöm is another representative of this movement in art and an important influence for her.