A Corona-Safe Restaurant

Here at Mormors Bakeri we are working close together with the local authorities to ensure that our café & restaurant is in accordance with current Corona measures at all times.

  1. Tables outside and inside
    We have plenty of tables with big distances in the garden. Inside the house we reduced the number of tables to give bigger distance.

  2. Reservation
    If you are worried and you would like to make sure to get a table with the most distance possible, give us a call – we will be happy to reserve a suitable place for you! Telefon 0 762 477 160 Alternativ telefon: 00 46 (0) 76-764 49 06

  3. Disinfection
    We provide disinfectant for our guest to use at will and before taking food. We are also regulary disinfecting the most incrementing areas like doorhandles, tables and bathrooms.

  4. Take-away and (mini-)Catering
    We offer ALL our food and drinks (even alcoholic) also as take away. So you can either come by and select from the buffet yourself of we can pack a box for you, which you can pick up (let us know, if you need a no-contact pick up). As an alternative we can also prepare a warm or cold catering for you (starting for 2 people)! Have a look at our Catering page to learn more or just give us a call Telefon 0 762 477 160 Alternativ telefon: 00 46 (0) 76-764 49 06.

  5. Frozen food
    You don’t want to miss Mormors Bakeri food but you don’t feel like eating something in the café or would like to give it to your elder relatives? No problem! We are offering a variety of our dishes to purchase as frozen food, so you can heat it yourself easily at home. More info here!

  6. Events
    We are still hosting events for example private gatherings like weddings, baptisms, graduation parties, etc. in accordance with the rules. Have a look at the pages of the website or give us a call to learn more!

  7. The importance of a good mood / A personal remark from Paulina, our director
    Here at Mormors Bakeri we believe that happiness is the best way to stay healthy and there is nothing that boost our immunsystem more then enjoying life, being outside in nature, eating good food, having a nice drink and spending time together with our loved ones and simply doing what we love to do! After all it’s the quality of life that counts, not the length.

To conclude this page we want to say, that we do what we can to give you a great experience even in challenging times. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or special wishes for your visit (Telefon 0 762 477 160 Alternativ telefon: 00 46 (0) 76-764 49 06)

All the best,

Paulina and the team from Mormors Bakeri!